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Ukrainian IT services market has increased by 2.5 times
IT services market size
$1.1 billion 2011
$2.0 billion 2015
IT specialist employment in Ukraine
$42.4K billion 2011
$91.7K billion 2015

Lviv IT industry turnover

According to experts and directors of IT companies based in Lviv, IT industry turnover of the city in 2015
2,7% Lviv GRP
1,3% Lviv Region GRP

IT in Lviv

Between 13513–15155 IT specialists in Lviv
of Ukrainian IT employees work in Lviv
IT experts graduate from Lviv universities every year
20 IT professionals per 1000 citizens
60 IT professionals per 1000 of working population in Lviv

91% of IT companies are ready to relocate

of respondents expressed intentions to increase the number of employees in Lviv during the following 3 years
would consider relocating to other office locations
would prefer to locate in the southern part of the city
would prefer to locate their office in the area outside the historic centre of Lviv
would value proximity of the office in Lviv to a quality supermarket or retail centre

LOI approval

33 000 m2
Join the biggest infrastructure project in Lviv

Key offerings for investors

  • Project is initiated by IT companies and fully supported by industry and local authorities
  • Unique and considered development taking into account the needs of businesses
  • Phasing
  • A tested occupier demand driven development
  • Secure development framework
  • Full governmental support
  • Opportunities to attract development finance on special terms
  • Association with a major development project in Lviv